The Undercover Librarian


Welcome to the Undercover Librarian, the professional blog,website, and portfolio of Jennifer A. Dupuis.

I’m a Reference and Collection Development Technician at a small academic library in Eastern Ontario. I handle reference services and materials selection, but I also get to do a ton of other interesting things!

I’m a cat rescuer, thrift-store junkie, amateur vegan chef and baker, knitter and crafter, literature enthusiast, and a recovering theater geek. I share my utilitarian hovel with two charming and unruly cats, and an alarming amount of yarn and books. (Have I hit all of the squares in Librarian Stereotype BINGO yet?) I write about what I love, what’s important or interesting to me, and what I’m passionate about, and I hope you’ll share those things about yourself with me.

About the Name
I started using the name “Undercover Librarian” in 2011, when I graduated from my library technician program and promptly discovered that there were no jobs to be had in the area where I was living. For the next three and a half years, I worked a myriad of retail and customer service positions, taking volunteer library gigs under cover of darkness. (Okay, on weekends.)


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