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Hello, and welcome to Library Technicians — Blogging[1]. While this entry won’t have any in-depth library content, I wanted to get something up on this otherwise empty space, mostly because I feel odd linking or promoting a website that doesn’t contain any material. While the “About” section of the site has some information, I wanted to introduce myself, the blog, and where I hope to go and what I hope to do with this site.

First, a little about myself. I’m a library and information technician student who will be graduating shortly and will – hopefully – be embarking on a new career as an information professional. I graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2007, and after a period of time as a retail manager, realised that I needed not just a career change, but an actual career. Library work has always interested me, so I applied to several programs, and here I am, loving every minute of it.

The idea for this blog came about when I went looking for sites focusing specifically on library technicians, and realised that my particular profession was underrepresented on the web. Certainly, any site focusing on library-related content is useful to librarians or technicians, but they don’t necessarily focus on issues directly concerning technicians. And let’s be honest – we all like to see content that we can relate to directly, and I’ve always felt a bit of a disconnect when reading sites that are “librarian-specific”, so to speak.

My hope is to post news items and articles of interest to technicians, as well as the library profession as a whole. Ideally, I’d like to have as much Canadian content as possible; after all, this is where I live and work. (Content from all over the world is fair game though.) Provided that my current library job keeps me flush with silly stories – and I have no reason to doubt that it will – I’ll also be posting a few “funnies” once a week or so. Because let’s face it, we’ve all had those patrons and sometimes, we all need a laugh.

I gladly welcome suggestions, questions, feedback, and criticism, so please get in touch if you can offer any of the above. Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll see you back here again.



[1] Because I anticipate getting comments about the blog name from any cataloguers who happen to be reading, I do know that “blogging” is not a valid subdivision. I chose the title for aesthetic reasons; I think it sounds better. But I do know that it’s incorrect. If my cataloguing professor is reading this, you can heave a big sigh of relief, Prof.M; I did learn and retain something.


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