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Items to Share:That Hot Librarian Fantasy? A New App Makes it Even Hotter

-o r- “There’s an App for That” 2.0.

This came through my inbox and my Google Reader, and with that risque title, I just couldn’t resisit.

Dr. Bo Brinkman, an associate professor of computer science at Miami University in Ohio, along with one of his students, Matt Hodges, has developed an Android app for catching and rearranging incorrectly shelved books. In conjuntion with the application itself, tags representing the corresponding call number of each book were added to the items. So, when a user holds up the camera or tablet in front of a row of books, an overlay indicates which books are in the right order, which aren’t, and in which direction the items should be moved.

According to the article, the app is still a prototype, and the developers are still working out the kinks in the system, but the value is pretty clear. My favourite part? “Brinkman, for his part, foresees a paid version for booksellers or other profit-makers, but for librarians, he’d prefer to keep it free.”


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