The Undercover Librarian

Friday Funnies: 10 Action Librarians

I decided to bring back the Friday Funnies in a slightly different format. There’s a lot of library humour out there, and provided that I can find something new (or worth re-posting), I’ll try to post something new each Friday.*

This week, I bring you 10 Action Librarians, care of the Mary Sue, and my friend Azura, who posted a link to this article on her Facebook page. Entertainment factor aside, this was a fascinating read. I was familiar with some of the characters, like Evie Carnahan, but many of the characters listed were new to me. My reading and viewing lists have been expanded, and I’m heartened to see portrayals of librarians that go beyond the sexy librarian or the scary librarian.

*I do know that it is Saturday, but I’ve endeavoured to keep up with a posting schedule, and I figure better late than never.


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