The Undercover Librarian


Seneca College of Applied Arts and TechnologyDiploma, Library and Information Technician, Hons. (2009-2011)



  • Introduction to Cataloguing and Library Catalogues (LIT102)
  • Derivative Cataloguing (LIT222)
  • Cataloguing III (LIT302)
  • Cataloguing IV (LIT402)

Library Skills

  • Introducing Libraries (LIT150)
  • Basic Library Skills (LIT154)
  • Computers in Libraries (LIT164)
  • Acquisitions (LIT254)
  • Workplace Skills (LIT250)
  • Interlibrary Loan and Circulation (LIT255)
  • Library Promotion and Programing (LIT355)
  • Internet Applications for Library Technicians (LIT364)
  • User Information Systems (LIT456)
  • Professional Issues in Libraries (LIT400)
  • Human Relations in Libraries (LIT420)
  • Library Automation (LIT458)

Research and Searching

  • Database Searching I (LIT258)
  • Ready Reference (LIT256)
  • Subject Collections (LIT354)
  • Database Searching III (LIT408)

Nipissing University
Bachelor of Arts, English and Comparative Literature; Minor; Religious and Cultural Studies, Teachable; Canadian Social History (2003-2007)



  • Introduction to English Studies (ENGL1105)
  • British Literature: Medieval to Modern (ENGL2005)
  • Children’s Literature (ENGL2445)
  • Studies in Shakespeare 1 and 2(ENGL2536, ENGL2537)
  • Post-Colonial Literature (ENGL3146)
  • Studies in Marginalized Literature (ENGL3017)
  • Genre Studies: Short Stories (ENGL3496)
  • Studies in Drama (ENGL2055)
  • Studies in 18th Century Literature (ENGL3095)
  • Studies in 20th Century Literature (ENGL3175
  • The Popular Jane Austen (ENGL3606
  • The British Romance (ENGL3486)


  • Canada After Confederation (HIST1407)
  • Canadian Social History (HIST3205)
  • Ontario: Selected Topics (HIST3257)

Cultural Studies

  • Religious Traditions: East and West (RLST1020)
  • 20th Century Religious Thought (RLST2035)
  • Gender and the Bible (GEND3117)
  • Life Rites (RLCT2016)
  • Death and Immortality (RLCT2017)
  • Sacred Cinema (RLCT2205)

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